The problem…

Fuel poverty: an escalating crisis

Over one in four UK households face an impossible choice between heating and eating in the winter.

Deaths from hypothermia have doubled in the past five years, while World Health Organisation estimates show that there were over 7000 deaths from cold homes last winter.

In one of the wealthiest countries in the world, millions cannot afford to heat their homes to a safe level of warmth. This is a national scandal.

Those hit hardest are those living the most precarious lives, including pensioners, disabled people, people with illnesses, students, single mothers and others on low incomes.

While we’re left to freeze in our homes, the profits of the Big Six energy companies – British Gas (Centrica), EDF, E.ON, Npower, Scottish Power and SSE – have soared to record highs. The Big Six cartel are making a killing from a price-fixed energy market rigged in their favour.

Meanwhile, the government, under the sway of the energy companies is cutting crucial fuel poverty lifelines and plotting to increase the UK’s dependence upon dirty and expensive gas power. The ‘dash for gas’ will push up our fuel bills even further, as well as contribute to rising food prices and flooding through climate change.

Our energy system and economy function to generate private profit at all costs, including our basic rights to warm homes and a safe environment.

The Big Six energy companies and the government, hand in hand, want to keep things this way.

Fuel Poverty Action say: things have to change.

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Why is fuel poverty on the up? 

What’s the alternative?

How do we get there? 



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