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‘Our Chat with Millionaire CEO of British Gas Phil Bentley’

Faced with a threatening police presence, the occupiers of the British Gas offices have now decided to leave on their own terms. But while they were inside, British Gas MD Phil Bentley decided to come out and talk to the protestors outside. The writeup below is from the #heatoreat blog.  There are times during protests where you feel those … Continue reading

Breaking News: British Gas offices occupied in protest over fuel poverty profiteering

Six activists have barricaded themselves into meeting rooms on two floors of British Gas offices in Staines, Middlesex, as part of the ‘Winter Warm-Up’ weekend called by the campaign group Fuel Poverty Action. British Gas is being targeted as one of the Big Six energy companies making profits out of rising energy bills. It is … Continue reading

Saturday 28th January: what went on…

Day 2 of the Winter Warm-up Weekend saw a theatrical Warm-up in Cambridge that featured the Big 6 ‘beating up’ the Earth and its frozen inhabitants. Meanwhile, 200 protesters from Disabled People Against Cuts, Disabled People’s Direct Action Network and UK Uncut came together to block Oxford Circus in protest against the government’s Welfare Reform Bill.

A round-up of Friday’s Warm-ups

An exciting start to the Fuel Poverty Action Weekend of Winter Warm-ups…Hundreds of people across the country came out of their cold homes to get warm at the buildings of institutions that have a hand in creating fuel poverty, to challenge the Big Six’s monopoly and the government’s complicity. Here’s a round-up of some of today’s … Continue reading

Press Release: Hundreds protest across the country in anger over fuel poverty and corporate greed

Campaign group Fuel Poverty Action has called for protesters to target energy companies, local government and housing providers this weekend as anger builds over fuel poverty and corporate greed. The protests, dubbed ‘Winter Warm Ups’ and organised by community, environmental and Occupy groups, will take place in Lewisham, Oxford, Leeds, Cambridge, Haringey, Hackney, the City … Continue reading

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