Getting debt written off by energy suppliers- a mini guide

Energy Company Trust Funds

The Big 6 energy companies have pots of money, trust funds, which you can apply to help you pay off your debt. Some are specific to just customers of that company, but some funds can be applied to from customers of any supplier.

A rough guide to the trust funds:

·         British Gas Energy Trustapplications can be made by customers of any supplier who are facing hardship, particularly in relation to fuel debt.
01733 421060 / bget@charisgrants.com   

·         EDF Energy Trust– any EDF customer can apply for grant to clear debt and meet essential household costs. 01733 421060 / edfet@charisgrants.com

·         Eon – can assist low income households with heating, insulation measures and energy efficient applicances. 0800 051 1480/ eonenergy.com/caringenergy

·         Npower – First Step Fund; Health Through Warmth (for all customers, not just npower customers); Macmillan Fuel Management Programme Energy Fund. Assistance for families and individuals at risk of cold-related illness or for households with someone living with cancer. Can make energy efficiency measures or grant assistance to pay bill.
01733 421060 / npowerenergytrust.org.uk

·         SSE – apply for energy efficient appliances for fuel poor households.

The energy companies need evidence and a well filled-out application so get help with it if you can.  They also like you to have got financial advice from others before coming to them, but they can also offer or point you towards this advice themselves.   For more information on how they work and what they want to see, see here: http://z2k.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/3_Charis-Grants_understanding-energy-trust-funds.pdf,   and your own supplier’s website. If you get this help, you then need to keep up with paying for what you use as you go along, or you could get landed with the old debt again.

To be successful with your applications you must:

– demonstrate a “good” reason why debt arose- eg lost job, someone got ill and
that you are trying to meet your current energy bills

We can help with you application but you must sign and send off yourself.



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