Take Action


Want to take action against rip-off fuel bills, cuts, climate crisis and the Big Six monopoly? Want to speak out for the alternative? Keen to get people in your community together to build support networks, share experiences and tips and discuss solutions? Why not organise a fuel bill assembly in your area….

In February 2013, people across the country – in Manchester, Nottingham, Edinburgh, Haringey, Hackney, Lewisham, Southwark and Central London – took to the streets for a weekend of fuel bill assemblies called Stop the Great Fuel Robbery. The idea was simple: people getting together to share their stories and experiences of cold homes and high bills, learning about the problem, discussing solutions and taking action. Find out what happened here.

But this week of action was just the beginning. Organise a fuel bill assembly in your area now!

To find out why we think fuel bill assemblies are important and how to go about organising one in your area, download our organising toolkit by clicking the link below:

Stop the Great Fuel Robbery, Organising Toolkit

NB: This toolkit was produced with our weekend of action in mind, but should still function as a useful resource for people interested in organising a fuel bill assembly now.

Find out why we think fuel bill assemblies are a powerful tactic. Click here.

Want some advice about how to organise a fuel bill assembly? Click here.


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