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New Resource: ‘Gas: A Fuel We Can’t Afford’


Download our new pamphlet: Gas: A Fuel We Can’t Afford

What is pushing up our energy bills? Newspaper headlines, Tory politicians and the energy companies blame the costs of ‘green energy’. But lots of research says the problem’s the cost of gas – who are we to believe?

The government’s planning to build a new generation of gas-fired power stations. If this goes ahead, what will happen to our fuel bills? As North Sea gas supplies run out, where is this gas going to come from anyway? And what on earth is fracking!? 

All of the scientists seem to agree that climate change is happening and it’s because we’re burning coal, oil and gas. But how can the world be warming up when it’s snowing in March?

Is there an alternative to more gas power stations that could keep the lights on? It’s not always windy and the sun doesn’t always shine, so could we ever rely on renewable power? 

Fuel Poverty Action are currently going around pensioners’ groups in London to facilitate discussions on these kinds of questions about our energy, our bills and our environment. It’s been a really interesting and inspiring process – read about a recent meeting we had with the Greater London Pensioners’ Association here. There’s some very powerful vested interests that are determined to distort the truth around these questions – but our experience so far is that people don’t believe the lies.

We’ve produced a pamphlet to help us in these discussions. It aims to provide a short, introductory guide to why our bills our rising, what’s going on with climate change, the situation with UK energy policy and the emerging social movement against the ‘dash for gas’.

Give it a read! If you like it, why not print out a few copies, call up your local pensioners’ group and arrange a discussion on the questions raised…

To download our new pamphlet, click here



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