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Call out for Trade Union support…

Are you a member of a trade union branch? Do you have trade union contacts? We’re asking trade union branches to support our group and our upcoming weekend of action: Stop the Great Fuel Robbery.  If you’d like to help, here’s a model letter and motion of support to send around your contacts.


  Model Motion on Fuel Poverty Action


fpa2     11th February 2013



Dear friends,

We are writing to you as a grassroots organisation of people facing and fighting fuel poverty.  15 – 18 February is our UK-wide weekend of action against the scandal of people – whether on low wages, retired, unemployed, or subsisting on welfare benefits — dying of cold in their own homes, or being forced to go without meals to pay bills.  The main events planned so far are in London, Edinburgh, and Leeds.  In central London, on Saturday 16 February, we are holding a Fuel Bills Assembly where people will be able to speak out about their own situations and discuss together what we can do about it.  There will be more such events and action in the future.

We hope you will be able to circulate this information to other branches round the country, and particularly letLondon branches know about the central London event (there will also be local assemblies in Haringey and in Hackney). 

Some branches, or perhaps the union as a whole may want to consider signing on as a supporter of this event, or of Fuel Poverty Action as an organisation, and/or taking part on 16 February.  

We are collecting personal testimonies detailing what people are suffering, and what they are doing, individually or collectively, to survive.  Some of your members may want to contribute to this.

We are also sorely in need of funds, particularly for the purpose of enabling people to participate.  With fares so high, finding the money to come to such events, and even to the planning meetings for them, is almost impossible for many people in poverty who are personally affected and badly want to come, including asylum seekers (often dispersed to the outskirts of London), single mothers on benefits, pensioners, and disabled people, who may also need more expensive forms of transport. Costs for all the people who now want to attend our central Londonorganising meetings would average about £80 a fortnight.  A regular £20 monthly donation from yourselves would, for example, help ensure that we could promise at least one person’s fares. 

In this and other ways, support from the trade union movement could go a long way towards enabling crucial voices to be heard, and to be effective.  

Please see model motion, attached.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Ewa Jasiewicz

fuelpovertyaction.org.uk  07586 482 157 Twitter: @FuelPovAction




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