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Winter Appeal: donate now to make our meetings more accessible

Donate now to subsidise the costs of travel to our meetings for those who cannot afford it…

Our London group is growing.* We’re getting new people at every one of our fortnightly meetings. This is fantastic news.

Many of the people who want to regularly attend our meetings are struggling with fuel poverty themselves, including pensioners, single mothers, and asylum seekers They’re struggling to afford the basics of heating and eating, so they will not be able to come unless a way can be found to pay their fares. As everyone knows London fares are high and many of the people involved need to travel from the outskirts of the city. They are ready to make the journey if the costs can be met

No-one should ever be prohibited from political organising on the basis of the personal costs of doing so. For this reason, we’re asking people to donate to us so that we can subsidise the travel cost of coming to our meetings for those who cannot afford to do so otherwise.

You can donate to us by transferring money directly to our bank account. Our bank details are below. If you include ‘Travel subsidy’ in the reference of the transfer, we will ensure that this donation is spent only on subsidising travel to meetings.

With thanks and warm winter wishes,

Fuel Poverty Action

Bank details:
Name: Fuel Poverty Action
Sort code: 08 92 99
Account number: 65615456

*NB We hold central London meetings that people across London travel to attend. Rather than setting up local Fuel Poverty Action groups in several different boroughs, we work with established local organisations in different boroughs such as local pensioners’ groups, anti-cuts groups and residents’ associations. If you’re in a group operating in a London borough that would like to get involved, we’d love to send someone from Fuel Poverty Action to one of your meetings. If you’d like to come to our central London meetings, you’re more than welcome. To enquire about either, get in touch at fuelpovertyaction@gmail.com or on 07586 482 157.



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