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Fight the Cold Homes Killers

An action organised by Fuel Poverty Action, the Greater London Pensioners’ Association and Disabled People Against Cuts to fight government and Big Energy complicity in fuel poverty deaths, Thursday 29th November. 

Thursday 29th November, 11am in central London.

Location to be decided by you in a poll of the worst fuel poverty killers. Vote for the ‘Cold Homes Killer’ you want to target here: 



In recent days, the Big Six energy companies and the government have been caught red handed with soaring profits, mammoth price hikes, allegations of market manipulation and revelations of secret Tory plots to lock us into decades of dependence on dirty and expensive gas.

Run for the benefit of an elite cabal of greedy energy company executives and corrupt politicians, our energy system is killing people through escalating fuel poverty and climate change.  Meanwhile, the alternative – clean, cheap renewable energy, controlled by communities, distributed on the basis of need, not private gain – is being blocked.

This profiteering, backroom dealing and lies have a deadly human cost. On Thursday November 29, the government will release last year’s figures on winter deaths, revealing that thousands of people died last winter because they could not afford to heat their homes.

On Thursday 29th November, join Fuel Poverty Action, the Greater London Pensioners’ Association and Disabled People Against Cuts in warming up inside a building that houses those responsible for fuel poverty deaths and speaking out against their corruption and greed.

The question, though, is where? Which Cold Homes Killer should we target?

The Big Six… We could warm up inside a toasty office of one of the Big Six energy companies, who, amid allegations of price fixing, have announced soaring prices and soaring profits.

The government…We could warm up inside the warm walls of the Treasury, home to George Osborne, the millionaire architect of austerity plotting a new dash for dirty and expensive gas.

The lobbyists…We could warm up inside the cosy London HQ of energy industry lobbyists Energy UK, whose backroom lobbying and schmoozing has ensured that the Big Six have the government sitting comfortably in their pockets.

YOU DECIDE! Vote for the worst ‘Cold Homes Killer’ here:  


We’ll announce the results and the 11am central London meeting point for the day nearer the time.

Check back here and f
ollow @FuelPovAction #ColdHomesKillers on Twitter to keep up to date. 



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