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British Gas 6% price hike: give your honest feedback!

It’s getting colder, the days are getting shorter and the advent calenders are arriving in the supermarket. Looks like it’s Big Six price rise time!

After SSE’s 9% price hike a few weeks ago, it’s now the turn of British Gas to up their prices. British Gas’s 6% price rise means customers will be facing an extra £100 on their annual fuel bills. Meanwhile, British Gas profits increased 23% in the last quarter.

We thought that a few of you might like to give British Gas some honest feedback on their decision. So, we’ve made a ‘British Cash’ meme-creator. Just click here, add your own caption and share share share!

We’ll post the best memes up here at the end of the day…



One thought on “British Gas 6% price hike: give your honest feedback!

  1. How much longer is this going on for? the toffs have already taken £50 off the winter fuel allowance, is because there are too many old people and they want to kill us off! 3 elderly people in this area have killed themselves. And now they want to spend £50 Million on celebrating the 1st world war. Sorry but I am VERY VERY angry.

    Posted by Peter Turner | October 12, 2012, 2:17 pm

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