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Fuel Poverty Action Info. Night

Want to find out more about Fuel Poverty Action? Come to our info. night…

Thursday 31st May;


The Discus Room, Transport House, Unite the Union Building, 128 Theobald’s Road, London, WC1X 8TN.

Our energy is controlled by six giant companies: Centrica (British Gas), EON, EDF, NPower, SSE and Scottish Power.

The Big Six decide how our energy is produced and priced.
We don’t have a say.

¼ of UK households froze in fuel poverty last winter.
But the Big Six’s profits soared to a five year record high.

The government is in the pocket of the Big Six.
They’re making the bills bite harder with brutal welfare cuts.

Our energy system is driven by private profit at all costs.
It’s killing millions through fuel poverty and climate change.

The Big Six and the government want to keep things this way.
We say: things have to change.

Want to do away with the Big Six?
Get involved with Fuel Poverty Action!

Start by coming to our info night!

Come and discuss why our energy bills are rocketing and how this is affecting us.

Find out what Fuel Poverty Action are doing and how you can get involved…

Twitter: @FuelPovAction
Facebook: Fuel Poverty Action




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